With the rapid development of superconducting technology, high-performance superconducting magnets are becoming more and more important in high-energy physics, power grid, medical imaging and other application fields. In the research and development of superconducting magnets, the winding quality of superconducting coils will directly affect the performance of the application products. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of superconducting tape and the manufacture and research of coating equipment, Shanghai Superconductor has many years of experience in tape performance development and coil winding. It has jointly developed the magnet winding process with Dongfang Electric, the Electrical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units.。

Service classification

1)Coil simulation: electromagnetic simulation, including resonant frequency, Q value, magnetic field distribution and so on.

2)Coil skeleton: skeleton design and manufacture.

3)Coil strip: there are many different specifications of strip to choose from.

4)Coil winding: non-inductive, inductive, non-insulated and insulated coils can be wound.

5)Coil measurement: Ic measurement of liquid nitrogen temperature region.